Effective from 23 Sep 2022, the Prime Rate will be increased from 5% to 5.125%. The Securities Account interest rate will be adjusted accordingly. Click Here to view the updated fee schedule


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Please refer to

Hong Kong Mainland
Commodities Domain spcom1.cfsg.com.hk spcom1.cfsg.com.cn
Subdomain spcom2.cfsg.com.hk spcom2.cfsg.com.cn
Securities Domain spsec1.cfsg.com.hk spsec1.cfsg.com.cn
Subdomain spsec2.cfsg.com.hk spsec2.cfsg.com.cn
Stock Options Domain spso1.cfsg.com.hk spso1.cfsg.com.cn
Subdomain spso2.cfsg.com.hk spso2.cfsg.com.cn

User ID & pass word

Commodities: user ID (that is the account no. : 03-xxxxxx) along with your password
Securities: user ID (that is the account no. : AC/PC/M0xxxxxx) along with your password
Stock Options: user ID (that is the account no. : MExxxxxx) along with your password.
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If you have any enquiries on the 2FA services, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2663 8888.