HK$ 200 Coupon for Account Opening

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Commission Offer
Commission – Free U-Plan New Account Trading Plan
Qualified Clients Age:18-25 Age:25+
Commission HK$0 0.08%
Fee HK$0 Platform Fee HK$0 Hidden Fees
Others HK$ 0 Custody Fee Up to 70% Margin Ratio
Up to 90% IPO Margin Ratio

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All-in-One Trading Platform

Adopting NASA patented technology - EMD, and introducing EMD-Candlestick to the stock markets
Applying deep learning in analyzing the technical indicators; Notifying the user of the stocks with a higher expected movement in share price
The buy/sell transaction simply requires 3 steps; Processing trade orders up to 0.8 milliseconds
The 2-factor authentication (2FA) service on CFSG's trading platform is provided by Daon, a global leader in multi-factor authentication technologies; Taking the lead in adopting a 10G highway-ring connect to support the new mobile trading application.