With effective from 17 Nov 2023, the Stamp Duty will be adjusted to 0.1% per side of the consideration of a transaction (rounded up to the nearest dollar)


Our Services

Our clients range from institutional investors, hedge funds, to other broker-dealers. We offer a suite of comprehensive world-class services, including all-round trade execution, margin financing, securities lending, clearing, settlement, and custodial services.

Why Choose Us

Superior Service

The Prime Brokerage team works closely with portfolio managers to provide best execution with our efficient trading system. Every account receives the highest touch services, beginning from onboarding and throughout the fund lifecycle.

Total Dedication

The specialized team’s know-how and our proprietary technology empower our clients who increasingly seek to trade various asset-classes globally. The team is segregated from the firm’s buy-side, providing a compliant and conflict-free environment.

Customer Service

 Hong Kong: (852) 2663 8888
       China: (86) 400 6088 498

 WhatsApp: (852) 9889 1968

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