Company Profile
CASH Financial Services Group (“CFSG”, SEHK: 510) is a leading financial services conglomerate established in Hong Kong in 1972. CFSG is licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission to provide a comprehensive range of financial products and quality services, comprising mobile and premium trading, investment banking and corporate finance advisory, wealth and asset management, FinTech platform, etc. for the versatile investment and wealth management needs of its broad-based clients.

As a leading technology-focused financial services provider, coupled with the professional human talents, CFSG is committed to operating the state-of-the-art trading platform with the highest level of security for clients to trade anytime, anywhere, and borderless. In 1998, as a pioneer, CFSG was the first in Hong Kong to develop and launch investment trading via the Internet, demonstrating our innovation and dedication to integrate technology into daily lives. As CFSG is committed to providing the most innovative trading experience to our clients, we developed mobile trading services by introducing stocks and futures trading apps available on iOS and Android operating systems to enable clients to stay informed with the latest market movements and trade anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, the 2-factor authentication service on our trading platforms strengthens the security level of our electronic trading services.

Our company’s mission is to become a “Total Caring Organisation” by creating values for stakeholders, delivering superior shareholder returns, caring for employees’ welfare, being a trusted partner of clients and a responsible corporate citizen in the communities and environment we operate.

Leveraging on our leading-edge trading platforms, CFSG has developed an extensive network to reach our institutional, corporate and individual clients across China. Headquartered in Hong Kong, CFSG has built a solid foothold in China with a Mainland head office in Shanghai and offices in other provinces.

Well-known for our innovation and quality services, CFSG receives awards across the industries that recognize the Group’s achievements. The list of accolades the company has garnered includes 10+ Caring Company Logo, Internet Finance Bronze Award from the Internet Professional Association, 10th Anniversary Special Award of Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence, Social Capital Builder Award from the Labour and Welfare Bureau, Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme from the Family Council, Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification, Certificate of Merit in Green Achievement and Caring for People in HSBC Living Business Awards etc.

For further information, please visit www.cfsg.com.hk.
Organisation Chart

New Corporate Identity

Design Concept of New CFSG Corporate Identity

Tian Yuan Di Fang
CFSG’s new corporate identity features a round dollar sign enclosed in a square embodying the traditional Chinese design concept of “A Domed Sky Above the Flat Earth”. As the old saying goes: “The sky is round while the earth is flat – the rule of the sage thus rules the world.” The logo hence represents the leading position of CFSG in China’s financial services industry and the company’s renowned focus on innovation. “Masters are round while statesmen are square.” The flat earth symbolises integrity, rules, standards, and order, illustrating how CFSG’s professional management and advanced systems position it well in a highly regulated industry. Meanwhile, the round sky signifies supremacy and respect, representing CFSG’s “people-oriented” and “customer-centric” approach to meeting clients’ boundary-less needs in investment and wealth management through our commitment to innovation.

Blue colour is used to convey an all-round wisdom and financial liquidity. This emphasises CFSG’s pragmatism, stability, professionalism and reliability, all of which are pre-requisites for a leading financial services institution in China.

The round dollar sign is indicative of the strong financial support behind CFSG from its holding company, CASH, together with its extensive shareholder network that spans across Asia and Europe and provides unparalleled strength.

Fonts --- A Mix of Chinese and Western Cultures
The fonts conjure up the blend of Chinese and Western cultures, respect for tradition and contemporary vision, which characterise CFSG. The Chinese characters are written in calligraphic style, using elegant, ancient Seal Script (Zhuan Shu), the earliest form of Chinese calligraphy, for “時富” and the more “modern” Clerical Script (Li Shu) for “金融”. The combination reflects CFSG’s embrace of both Chinese and Western management concepts – the traditional Chinese philosophical belief in a “people-oriented” culture that regards people as an important asset, and the western management view that highlights professional knowledge, a spirit of innovation and the drive to continuously adding value to clients.

*Weever Fintech Limited is not licensed to carry on business in a regulated activity under the Securities and Futures Ordinance in Hong Kong.