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As a multi-faceted service conglomerate, CASH fully understands that our success lies in the quality of service we provide to our customers and therefore our ability to attract, retain and motivate quality employees.

To achieve this, we offer various in-house or outsourced training programmes:

Management Training Workshops:

tailor-made for management-level employees of CASH and CFSG to enhance communication skills, the ability to face adversity as well as team spirit.

Language Enhancement Programme:

English and Putonghua classes are continuously available to help enhance employees' language proficiency.

Sales Culture Training:

develops a competitive spirit and inspires team spirit among sales teams and support teams in the battle to win customers’ hearts. The programme includes drama-based leadership training and executive coaching for frontline managers.

CASH strives to help employees maintain a good work-life balance, which we believe helps them to sustain their performance at work and our business.
To assist employees to balance their lives, we arrange activities under three different themes: wellness, happiness and vivacity.

Wellness – Emotional comforts

We provide many different programmes and functions to help employees live a more relaxed life:

- Employee Development Service: Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)
By setting up a regional 24-hour Toll-free Hotline, with unlimited access to professional counsellors, staff in both Mainland China and Hong Kong can receive consultations and talk over any personal concerns anytime. In addition, we have organised a range of seminars for our staff’s well-being, and to explore work pressure, in order to provide a healthy work-life balance.

Happiness – Cheerful minds

We aim to create a happy work environment for employees so that they enjoy and always feel like home when working at CASH. Numerous internal functions and gatherings are organised, including:

- Work Life Balance Day
- Make-up Classes
- Enjoyment of Red Wine
- Departmental/ Executive Gatherings

Vivacity – Get moving

We encourage employees to maintain a good balance between health and work and endeavour to promote the importance of regular exercise. Games Day and sports activities are regularly organised to provide employees with opportunities to “get moving”:

- Jogging Class
- Bowling Class
- Table Tennis Competition
- Long-distance running training

Employees' health and safety are prime concerns of the Group and we are committed to providing a safe and comfortable working environment.
Measures taken to protect employees from health risks:


- Eye Care Seminar, delivering eye care knowledge and protection measures against popular eye diseases
- Comprehensive medical insurance plans for staff and their families
- Health Day
- Vaccination programme, available to all staff. Protection against various diseases, including influenza
- Dental packages to subsidise scaling and check-ups

CASH attaches prime importance to ensuring a safe working environment, with measures in place to deal with natural disasters, fire, disease and accidents. We encourage our employees to treat health and safety as parts of their individual responsibility. The Group's health and safety procedures are revised from time to time to ensure that they are risk-focused and that responsibilities are clearly defined.

Our employees are our most important asset. As a PEOPLE-ORIENTED company, we strive to give our best to our employees. We see them as the primary drivers in sustaining business growth and our corporate values.


To attract talented people, we provide fair and competitive remuneration and benefits to our employees.

We benchmark our remuneration system with the market to ensure our ability to motivate our talent pool.

Reviews and salary adjustments, based on our transparent incentive structure, encourage employees to excel in performance.

Comprehensive benefits are provided to all staff, including annual leave, birthday leave, blood donation leave, vaccination leave, paternity leave, maternity leave and medical benefits.

Long Service

To express our thanks, we regularly show our appreciation to staff who have contributed to CASH for many years.


Our employees' dedication deserves recognition. Thus, Pricerite has set up the "Best Staff" and "Best Manager" award schemes, held quarterly, to recognise top-performing employees and teams and to raise morale as well as confidence.

Competition is also held on a monthly basis to present awards to recognise outstanding frontline employees and boost their confidence from time to time.

Joyful Gifts – Adding to happy occasions

As a total caring employer, CASH is dedicated to increasing the happiness of our employees and their families.

We have pioneered the introduction of the following benefits for employees:

- Marriage gift coupon   - Red packet for new-born babies
- Purchase discount        - Financial trade discount

* Benefits vary for staff at different levels.

We have therefore implemented measures to provide more flexible working arrangements:

- Flexi-time arrangements.
- A comprehensive and people-oriented leave system, including birthday leave, annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, compassionate leave, and paternity leave.