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Every year CASH contributes to a variety of causes in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other parts of the world.

Hong Kong

  • CASH took part in the Orbis Moonwalkers fund-raising event.
  • CASH sports enthusiasts joined the UNICEF Charity Run in aid of projects to help children and mothers affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • CASH participated in the Community Chest's "Dress Special Day".
  • CASH took part in the Community Chest's "Skip Lunch Day" in support of the charity's Services for Street Sleepers & Cage Residents.
  • CASH organised mooncake donations from employees to support the Salvation Army and to share the festive atmosphere with people in need.
  • To support the Salvation Army's "Red Packet Donation Programme" and its work among children, we called for donations from employees at Chinese New Year. The activity generated a great response and is set to continue every year.
  • CFSG donated cash and prizes worth HK$1 million to the Community Chest in a charity show televised on TVB Jade. CASH on-line also purchased a batch of charity tickets from the Community Chest, which raised approximately HK$1 million for the organisation.
  • CFSG funded The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd investment game for trading options and stocks, which encouraged different sectors to learn more about finance and investment.

Mainland China

  • CASH worked with UNICEF to encourage staff to make donations following the Qinghai Earthquake in April 2010. The company matched staff contributions on a dollar-for-dollar basis to maximise donations.
  • The Sichuan Earthquake catastrophe in May 2008 was tremendous in scale. The Group, together with its Chairman, encouraged its employees to donate and pledged to match their contribution on dollar-to-dollar basis, in rendering the relief and rebuild operations. In addition, the subsidiaries under the Group used their strong sales network to hold fundraising activities and call everyone in the territory to help the victims.


  • On 26 December 2004, the natural disasters of a powerful earthquake off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia followed by a deadly tsunami devastated many people's lives in countries around Asia. More than 200,000 were killed, millions were displaced and many children were made orphans. CASH launched a fund-raising drive to help young survivors, with donations going directly to UNICEF.
  • CASH Group made a donation to "World Heart Day". The event sought to raise public awareness about heart disease and the need for a healthy lifestyle.

Our future lies in the hands of the next generation. Social progress therefore depends on an excellent learning environment and quality education for young people. Mr. Bankee Kwan, Chairman of CASH, is dedicated to promoting education. He has set up education funds to assist students with financial difficulties. He has also made donations to different educational institutions in Hong Kong, other areas of China and overseas for scientific research and student scholarships.

Hong Kong

  • “Bankee Kwan Fellowships for Mathematical Studies”, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • “Mr. Bankee Kwan Scholarship”, New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Donation to purchase medical equipment for the Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Donation to purchase a Cardiac Echocardiography Machine, Cardiology Division, Department of Medicine & Therapeutics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Donation to “Professor Tam Sheung-wai’s Award of Excellence”, Hong Kong Metropolitan University (formerly known as The Open University of Hong Kong)
  • “Student Exposure Project in China”, Hong Kong Metropolitan University (formerly known as The Open University of Hong Kong)
  • “CASH Education Fund”, Hong Kong Metropolitan University (formerly known as The Open University of Hong Kong)

Mainland China

  • “Peking University Education Foundation”, Academy of Oriental Studies, Peking University
  • Donation to China Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre to support Shenzhou 5, China’s first manned spacecraft programme
  • Donation to Project Hope, Guizhou Province
  • “Bankee Kwan Foundation for Financial Studies”, Nanjing University
  • Donation to set up “The Bankee P. Kwan Institute of International Finance Management”, Nanjing University
  • Donation to set up a “Network System for Psychological Science”, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


  • “The Bankee Kwan Fellowship”, Harvard University, US
  • The Youth Work Experience and Training Scheme
  • The Youth Pre-employment Training Programme

CASH believes that contributing to society is the due responsibility of every local organisation. We strongly encourage our employees to participate in all kinds of voluntary activities for the less privileged in the community.

CASH Volunteers invited children from Po Leung Kuk in Causeway Bay to visit the Hong Kong Flower World Organic Farm. During this memorable outing, CASH volunteers learned more about communicating with children and about Nature.

CASH Volunteers organised the "Summer Movie Day" and invited children from St. Christopher's Home to join the movie share.

CASH Volunteers distributed Tuen Ng Festival sachets to senior citizens living alone in Pak Tin Estate, Sham Shui Po.

CASH Volunteers visited people from the Intellectually Disabled Education and Advocacy League in Sham Shui Po, playing games and giving out "Best Wishes" potted plants.

CASH organised a "Christmas Book Donation Campaign" to collect used books from employees and donate them to children in need. The books were delivered to a kindergarten in Tin Shui Wai on Winter Solstice to celebrate the festival.

We organised the first "Pleasant meeting" for underprivileged children. CASH Volunteers and the children enjoyed a meal at McDonald's and watched a movie together. This helped the children learn to communicate with others and feel wanted by the community.

To encourage our customers to care about the blind, CFSG partners with international blindness prevention and treatment charity ORBIS by inserting ORBIS leaflets and donation forms in customers' monthly statements. Forms collected are sent on to ORBIS.