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Our Services

Discretionary Account Management Services

Based on individual risk-tolerance levels and return objectives of clients, CASH Asset Management has completed discretion to manage their portfolios and make investment decisions on behalf of them. Extensive investment experience and in-depth market research enable us to achieve the highest returns in the fast-changing investment environment, allowing clients for a carefree investment.

Why Choose Us


Accumulated expertise of capitalising on the high-growth potential of the China and Global markets


Develop tailor-made portfolios according to needs and objectives of individual clients


Review and rebalance client's portfolios regularly in response to market swings and client's needs. Clients can also enjoy withdrawal flexibility


Clients can monitor their portfolios via online platform and monthly statements

Investment Plan

Prime Value Choice Plan

Minimum Initial Amount: HK$5,000,000 or stock of equivalent value1
Management Fee: 2% per annum2
Performance Fee: 20% on net profit per annum
Securities Brokerage Commission: 0.25%3
Redemption Period: No time restriction

1. Upon valuation at CASH Asset Management's sole discretion
2. 2% per annum of the Net Asset Value
3. Securities trading service is provided by Celestial Securities Limited

Our Team


Managing Director, CASH Asset Management

Mr. Yiu graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. As one of the most popular financial analysts in Hong Kong and Mainland China, Mr. Yiu writes investment columns and commentaries for many newspapers and magazines, and has been interviewed by mass media from time to time. Mr. Yiu is also renowned for his broad-based financial knowledge and insightful analysis.

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Customer Service

 Hong Kong:(852) 2663 8888
       China:(86) 400 6088 498

 WhatsApp:(852) 9889 0299

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